Friday, February 19, 2010

Not much is happening.

Reading week has flown by so quickly. I think I need a reading month to rest and catch up. At the start of the week I have so many plans and great intentions. But you know what they say about good intentions. Great ones just get you there faster.

Anway whilst procrastinating on some particularly annoying MNR readouts for an organic chem lab report I found a neat new sub forum of reddit. Now those of you who don't know of reddit.. get out there and check it out. Its the best procrastinating tool on the net, and I am a discerning procrastinator. Now this sub forum of note is r/dogs. Yes a whole area of reddit just about dogs. Sigh, I hope to have intelligent dog conversations on the net with out have to quash the desire to beat people with the stupid stick.

Oh and my friend allie (go visit no go now.. finish reading this after you have admired her work.. GO.. ) made this for my new logo for the film stuff I do with the beasties. Need a name though. Greywynd critters is just to generic I think.

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