Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally got to watch Off Season

And it was awesome! Wow freezing my toes off every day for a week was so worth it. Bill was very believable as the thief, as was Dekka as his faithful companion. Here are a few screen grabs from the movie. Dekka's performance was adorable, not that I am at all biased of course.

A friend who watched it with me said "it was strange to see Dekka with some Man as her owner". Which is such a great compliment for Dekka and Bill as well as for Jay, the director.

After watching it and waiting for the credits, I was thinking what an interestingly creepy movie.. and then my heart skipped a beat. The little dog got star billing.

Just the icing on the cake for such an awesome experience. (yes making the movie was hell when it came to location and temperature, but it was also absolutely amazing, the crew were fantastic to work with, my dog rocked, Bill was great and Jay and Jacob (film makers) were wonderful to work with... )

It really is a great short, if any of you get a chance to see it I reccomend it highly. Not just cause the best dog on earth is in it, but because its easy to see why it been garnering praise where ever it shows and got a BAFTA nomination.

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