Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The weather is unseasonalby nice and my dog is crazy.

Dekka (not pictured above, thats Kat) is being uber needy these days. I think she knows its agility season. She is normally such a calm and serious dog. She has been down right silly lately. Even to the point of 'rrrring' and trying to play with me in the mornings!! Once outside she does that silly run, with the sideways ears, bouncing back end and circles. She zooms through the barn doing laps. This is so not my dog. Can't wait till things are a little drier and I will start actually doing some agility here. Should help. I hope.

Kat is being a pain these days. Ahh the teenage stage. She has very selective hearing and next to no recall when outside. So no outside the yard being free time for her! She really wants to go over and play with the chain dogs at the shop next door. Which sucks as the gate is locked and I can't go in and get her. She is now trying door dashing to see how it works for her. We haven't had a door dasher in a while so its been hard for Darien and Mark to remember when going in and out.

Its most frustrating, but thinking back Dekka went through similar stages so I still have very high hopes for the problem child.

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