Monday, April 12, 2010

Sport's movie shoot debut

Sport is my son Darien's 2 year old border collie. He is a lovely dog but is not known for his ability to settle, though that is getting better as time goes on. He is not what you might think of as an ideal candidate for film work. However I feel in time he will be an amazing all round dog.

How did Sport land this role you may ask. I got an email looking for an animal wrangler and a lab. I said I could perhaps get a lab but that they would need a yellow lab as a black or chocolate lab was not likely going to be film friendly especially against a back drop of snow. I sent them a picture of Sport as an aside. They really liked the look of him. I mentioned he was totally inexperienced when it came to film work. But it was decided that as the role was very simple it would be ok (and I gave them a pretty decent discount).

Sport had to play a boy's dog. (never say art does not imitate life)

The role was fairly simple and shooting went pretty smoothly with only one real hitch...

That hitch was ZOMBIE deer!!!
Not only did this thing grin at you in a disturbing way it 'breathed' thanks to the wonders of ingenious people. Sport was fine when its head was in the snow. He was suspicious of it when its head was lifted up and Sport could see its grin in all its creeptastic glory. Sport was beside himself when it started to breathe. Sport wouldn't let James, the actor near ZOMBIE deer. He tried herding him away, when that didn't work Sport tried growling, when James still tried to approach the deer Sport tried air snapping. (this all happened very rapidly).

If there is ever a Zombie apocalypse Sport is the dog you want at your side.

Over all it went well. Sport did better than I had feared. He didn't once stare at the boom mic let alone try to eat it. He didn't like strangers grabbing at his collar so we will work on that. Sport did love all the people on set and was a very very good boy. Hopefully there will be more film work in his future.

Oh and my child decided that he should get something since it was his dog I used. Smart kid. I offered him a day of doing what ever he wanted. He chose a day at the Ontario Science Centre, with his uncle and I. A great time was had by all.

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